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Welcome to the home page of Glasgow Stockyards Inc., located in Glasgow, Montana.
We're northeast Montana's full service auction facility!!!

Linda & Mark Nielsen
Iva Murch
Dean Barnes

Owners: Mark & Linda Nielsen
Manager: Iva Murch (263-7529)
Yard Manager: Dean Barnes (263-1175)
Area Fieldmen:
Ed Hinton (406-893-4462)


Latest Market Report

Thursday, October 16, 2014 836 Cattle
Cows & Bulls Steady

Utility & Commercial Cows $105.00-$120.00

Canner & Cutter Cows $95.00-$110.00

Bulls $130.00-$142.25

400-500# Sc $285.00-$320.00 Hc $270.00-$292.00

500-600# Sc $270.00-$284.00 Hc $248.00-$270.50

Thursday October 23: All Class Cattle Auction
1600 Calves, 100 Yearlings, 250 Bred Heifers And Weigh Up Cows & Bulls.

**Galpin Angus Ranch: 20 Angus Bull Calves
Pre-conditioned-gentle-great Dispositons**

**Dunbar Bros.-Whitewater 8th Annual Bred Heifer Auction:
102 Angus Bred Heifers (all Readable Shields)
71 A.I. To Special Focus. March 10-1 Cycle
31 Bull Bred To Sons Of Hoover Dam And Rito 6emc For 50 Days.
Poured & Shots**

**32 Bred Heifers. 9 Black Bred Black March 13-april 1.
7 Red Bred Black. April 1-may 17. 13 Red Bred Red March 5 To March 18.
3 Red Bred Red. April Calvers. Shots & Poured.

**14 Angus Heifers. Bred Black. To Calve 1st Cycle. Shots & Poured.

**5 Red Angus Heifers Bred Westfall Red Angus. May 10-june 1. Shots & Poured.

**35 Purebred Commercial Angus Heifers. A.i. Bred To Hoover Dam-
Sandhills-bismark. Clean Up Bulls C Bar Upward 3101. (a.i. May 28 With
A Few A.i. May 12) Shots & Poured**

**20 Black & Red Bred Heifers. Bred To Young Bros. Angus Bulls. Feb. 20 To April 1.
Synch. & Bred In Corral For 10 Days**

This Will Be An Outstanding Auction To Buy Fancy Fancy Bred Heifers And Angus Bull Calves.

Thursday-October 30--halloween Feeder Special Featuring Red Angus Influence Feeders.
This Will Be The First Big Feeder Auction Of The Season. 1500-2000 Calves Expected.

Thursday-Nov. 6--Feeder Special And All Class Cattle Auction.
Thursday-Nov. 13--Feeder Special And All Class Cattle Auction.
Thursday-Nov. 20--Angus Feeder Special And All Class Cattle Auction.
Thursday-Nov. 27--Happy Thanksgiving--No Auction!!

For the full report, head to the Market Report page.

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